Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Barak Obama, Servant of the Lord

For some months, the Pigeon Cove Perspective has been silent, observing, and grieving, over the seemingly unstoppable descent of these United States into a morass of spiritual and moral decay.

It seems that nearly every day there is another story portraying a new government scandal, an anti-Christian policy initiative, or some other evidence of the insidious corruption that seemingly has metastasized to the highest levels of civil authority in our nation.

President Barak Obama, as the top executive authority in America, bears the greatest responsibility for this state of affairs.  He has appointed the people that are responsible for the policies that characterize his administration.  It is apparent that his personal agenda includes the radical transformation of America into a socialist regime that is far removed from a constitutional republic built upon the rule of law. 

We who know God and seek to follow His moral absolutes revealed in
Scripture are greatly disturbed by the President’s actions.  His statements endorsing lifestyles that the Bible refers to as an abomination and his promotion of Muslim ideals and projects while never acknowledging concern over the murder and harassment of Christians in Muslim-dominated countries reveals where his allegiance ultimately lies.

How then should we view President Obama?  In the title of this essay I describe him as “servant of the Lord.”  I believe that assessment is correct, not because of any righteous intent on Obama’s part, but because God in His sovereign purposes has used all kinds of people and objects to accomplish His purposes throughout history.

Multiple times in the Old Testament God referred to the heathen king Nebuchadnezzar as “My servant.”  The reality is, of course, that Nebuchadnezzar was no more interested in following the Lord than is Barak Obama.  But regardless of his personal ambitions, God was using the king of Babylon to effect His divine purposes.

God has worked His plan through humans who despised Him and His moral absolutes.  He has worked through animals, such as Balaam’s donkey and the ravens that fed Elijah, creatures with no understanding of His existence.  He has utilized even inanimate substances such as the waters of Noah’s flood and the fire and brimstone that obliterated the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Despite his own agenda, President Obama is but a tool in the hand of God to bring the present crisis to America.  As a nation, we have turned our back upon His truth in favor of the gospel of “personal peace and affluence.”  We prefer our own standards to His.  We are more concerned about political correctness than adherence to His divine Law.  There can thus be no other outcome than the descent of divine judgment upon us, unless we change.  The President is therefore serving the Lord as a principal means by which He is accomplishing this objective.

God worked through the preaching of Jonah and granted Nineveh repentance and a reprieve from the promised destruction.  A spirit of repentance remains the only hope for America.  Let us pray for God to work in us as He did in the Assyrians. May He bring forth a genuine repentance that results in America turning back to the Bible as our source of authority and to the Lord Jesus Christ as the sole means by which our guilt may be forgiven and cleansed.

Political conflict is but a visible manifestation of the spiritual war raging for the souls of Americans.  Ultimately, our enemy is not Barak Obama and those of his ilk.  Instead, the invisible forces of evil have been unleashed by the Lord to bring America to her knees. Victory will come only through faith and repentance